An Apology

I honestly don’t know how to rectify what happened yesterday. My personality got the best of me as I made a grown man cry. My own blood, my brother, from over a thousand miles away, my firm stand on things and lack of being subtle had me spewing in rage, throwing indirect insults, one after the other.

Call me rude, tell me I don’t have respect for those older than me, prove to me that I was in the wrong… Yet I can’t even decide if I regret saying all those things yesterday. Because no one else would have. No one else had the guts.

Without going into much detail, I hurt my brother and it may have ruined our relationship.

I could’ve stopped and thought about what I was going to say. But in the midst of being frustrated, everything came out.

So Kuya, if you end up reading this, I’m not ready to say sorry to you up front. But I am sorry.


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