Life told me to move on

And so I did.

I have been a slacker when it comes to updating my website. You’d think that after quitting my previous job that I would have a lot of time on my hands and I with that time, I’d be able to travel more and write about those travels. Time was the only thing I had a lot of and the furthest I had traveled too (aside from heading back home to the province) was Tagaytay to attend a former colleague’s wedding.

But as the title of this entry goes, life told me to move on and so I accepted a job offer as a Project Manager. I dreaded forcing myself through the horrible traffic of Metro Manila and told myself to suck it up, “Ginusto mo yan e!” (“That’s what you wanted!”) – in reference to wanting to work the usual 9am-6pm job.

SqualoIt’s officially been a month since I started working here and I frequented biking to work using my folding Doppelganger road bike since my new work place has its own shower. That is, until someone stole my bike which I had foolishly left unchained in our construction site.

I can’t explain how I felt when I noticed that the gate in our back garage was open and my bike gone. It was almost 7am and I was gonna take my car to work that day and I remember pacing back and forth in the construction site. I called out to neighbors and asked if they had noticed anything and as usual, they just shrugged me off; even if they had seen something, they probably wouldn’t say anything.

I wrote a long post on Facebook in an effort to make the public aware of what had happened. I posted it on different bike forums and groups hoping that somehow, I would have some luck in someone seeing my bike somewhere. I knew it was impossible though, unless it was like a wallet or a cellphone that was left somewhere and a good Samaritan happens to see it and returns it to you, this was a totally different story.

SonicAnd again, life told me to move on. Barely a week after the incident, I found myself at Tryon, a bike workshop and dealer close to work and I didn’t stop myself from purchasing another bike. This time, a folding bike which I had planned on purchasing for a while now to make commuting with it easier.
I have yet to take my folding bike to work as it is missing a rear rack for my panniers and fenders since it’s starting to rain again.

I did however take it to Manila from Quezon City to vote in the elections for the very first time but after availing of the “buy one, take one” drinks at Starbucks, I couldn’t for the life of me bike back to the house and ended up folding it up and taking an Uber home.

Once I’ve finished setting up my new bike and making it work for me to use it to get to work, then I’ll start doing exactly that.

Until then, here’s a last video I took riding my road bike to get to work:


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