Ellen Page brings to us a new docu-series that focuses on the world of LGBT around the world. “Gaycation” will air its first episode on the new VICE channel (US ONLY) on February 29. As for it showing to everyone else around the world, I guess we just have to stay tuned!

I watched the first trailer and it has gotten me curious as to what other LGBT groups are like in other countries.

While I was in New Zealand, I lived in a flat with two of my good friends and they happen to be gay. Clint was a member of Rainbow Youth which is a group that supports queer and gender diverse young people in Auckland across New Zealand. Before he moved in with me, he lived in a house full of queer people from male to females, females to males, gay, lesbian; you name it, he has lived with them and by far is the most interesting flat I had ever come across. I was able to meet his friends and hang out with the group and attended a lot of their events.

I hope there would be a way to show “Gaycation” here in the Philippines. It would be great if people saw the diversity of LGBT in different countries and it would hopefully make people understand the community more.

See the trailer below!


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