October (Late Post)

It’s been a month since I had last posted something. To say that there has been a whirlwind of events is an understatement as I took on more responsibilities than my 5’3″ body could take. October is about to end and the days are inching closer and closer to everyone’s favorite season: Christmas.

Christmas is just round the corner and as usual, since September, SM malls have been playing Christmas songs like no tomorrow and now decorations are going up everywhere. If you know Manila, there are particular places that are famous for selling Parola (Filipino lanterns made out of capiz) like on the Ortigas Ave. bridge heading towards Santolan and just before heading up to the ramp going to NAIA. But I’ll talk about Christmas some other time and list down some of the events that have happened since my trip back from Phuket.


Death (wow, what a title to start my updates): My close friend’s father passed away after two years of being in and out of the hospital. Sol had put her whole life on pause and travelling to and from Manila and Romblon to look after him. Seeing her at her dad’s wake made me have mixed emotions; happy that she was finally relieved from that particular responsibility yet sad (of course) for her loss and that he wasn’t going to be around to see her walk down the aisle. You see, she had gotten engaged and when things started turning for the worse, the thought of having a wedding lingered but never happened.

An excuse to also finally meet up after a year!
An excuse to also finally meet up after a year!
Watched the girls do their morning run along the beach
Watched the girls do their morning run along the beach

Judo Bebegirls: I spontaneously drove for 2 hours to Laiya, Batangas to the varsity judo girls’ team building. I needed to get out of the city and although I arrived late and left at around lunch time, I was able to see them train together and bonded with them through food. I even joined them in one of the team building activities.

Tagaytay Art Beat: I left Batangas and headed up to an event full of hipsters. My friend in NZ, Lauren had told me about this as her cousins were hosting the event at Museo Orlina. The event was filled with hipsters and Indie bands playing until 2am. I ended up getting ditched by two of my friends and ended up going to the event alone but thanks to my batchmate who was playing that evening with his band, I was able to meet a bunch of other bands and artists and made new friends and just had a chilled out night.


New friends!
New friends!

Paalam Kapatid: I first met Miko when he came to my 21st birthday and jammed by the poolside with some of my friends. That was 12 years ago when I was introduced to Spoken Word poetry, local folk and indie music and through him, I met Nityalila. We would always randomly bump into each other at events, especially since this couple were part of organizations that promoted the local scene and we had always supported each other other through different art projects and events. They inspired me to even take up poetry reading and took a punch for it while living in New Zealand.

Fast forward to early this month, I took a break from my usual routine and watched Jourdan the Dreamer take the spotlight with his open spoken vices as we bid Miko farewell. Bittersweet moment it was (channeling Yoda). The night was filled with nostalgia as familiar faces turned up at the venue and as I heard Nityalila’s strumming of the guitar once again after so long.

October opened up my eyes to friendships worth keeping and had made me take more notice of people who have been there all along. It also made me realize that despite being used to always being alone, that I actually don’t have a problem with making new friends and meeting new people and that I am after all, not a complete Nigel*.

* Nigel – A person that is without friends. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nigel+No+Friends


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