Easy On The Phuket!

So I’ve been overusing the pun used in the title of this post lately, mainly because it still gets me! Along Airport Road in Pasay, there are lots of Cebu Pacific ads posted up on the electrical posts and this one was just just really catchy.

Credits: http://www.wheninmanila.com/top-20-funniest-cebu-pacific-taglines-cebu-pac-lines-we-wont-complain-about/
Credits: When In Manila

Visit this link to view the other puns: http://www.wheninmanila.com/top-20-funniest-cebu-pacific-taglines-cebu-pac-lines-we-wont-complain-about/

Mum and I left Manila on Saturday morning for Bangkok but the previous night, I ended up sleeping at 2am and had forgotten to take my phone off “Do Not Disturb” mode and slept through my mum’s 9 missed-calls and text messages and for some reason, my alarm had gone off but I had just ignored it. I was meant to be at the airport at 4am and ended up waking up at 430am. Thank goodness I had packed the night before so without taking a shower, I changed into my travel clothes, quickly brushed my teeth, picked up my bags and walked out the door.

We’re currently staying at Wyndham Sea Pearl in Phuket. Sometime in July, my mum had emailed me about this promo that was offered to her knowing that I was going to Thailand in January with my mate Cheryl. The promo was only until end of September and next thing I know, mum had booked flights to go to Thailand and I was already telling my boss that I’d be gone for one day.

So here I am, sitting on the tiny hotel balcony with the room’s jacuzzi next to me, the sounds of waterfalls surrounding me. There are water features everywhere in this hotel. The hotel is quite far from the beach which is probably the reason why there are man-made waterfalls everywhere and lap pools in every villa. If I look over the balcony, there’s a lap pool right there.

The last time I was in Thailand was in 2005 when mum dragged my brother and I to Bangkok. While she attended a work conference, my brother and I spent some time just bumming around the city and taking tours. That was also the time that I had ordered a ripe mango shake from a restaurant not far from where we were staying and for some reason, it had tasted like durian (which I hated), and from then on, my stomach had turned and I was vomiting everything I was eating. When there was nothing to vomit, I would vomit bile. This started happening on the 2nd night of our mini vacation so you could imagine what it was like the entire week that we were there. I had lost almost 10kgs during our stay and was only able to see a doctor and get admitted when I had gotten back from our trip the following week.

So despite the last ripe mango shake experience I had last time I was in Thailand, I ordered that again for lunch. It was safe. I’m still here and my stomach hasn’t turned so I’m good.

Here’s an album of our trip so far: Phuket 2015

I needed to write something as I’m actually working and taking a quick break. I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I’m back in Manila.


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