No, I don’t feel any pressure right now

At least that is what I wanted to say. But I nearly broke under pressure. For those who have worked with me, they know that it’s not easy for me to get pressured and that I usually am calm and collected and even work better under pressure. 

Today was different. Maybe it’s because I’m with a new company. Perhaps because I’m around new people? Or maybe it’s because I’m so scared of looking incompetent for this position. 

I know what I’m doing, I’m confident in saying that… 

“No… I don’t feel any pressure right now.”

Janina San Miguel, if it weren’t for your funny moments and this line that kept running through my head today, I would’ve ultimately broken down. 

Breathe Aubs. Breathe. 

Wait, you can’t. Your sinuses are blocked and you are running a fever. 

Talking in third person. Meh. 

Let’s change the subject. 

Today I dressed up and looked like I was ready to for a run. The end. 

This is what pressure does to me now. Random verbal vomit. 


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