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Another Revolution to my Wheel

June is nearly coming to an end and the rainy season has finally decided to grace us with its presence. Although the weather has been inconsistent with the extreme heat that follows after every heavy rainfall, it’s still there and every drop of rain is a reminder of how fast days have gone by.

Commuter blues

New Company, New ID – #longhairdontcare

I started a new job at the start of June and the past 3 1/2 weeks have been an ultimate roller coaster. I am now working for a local company situated in one of the most sought-after places to work in, BGC (Bonifacio Global City). The system and the people here are more disciplined  that at times, I feel like I’m back in New Zealand or in Singapore where strict rules are implemented. People actually line up to ride the bus that goes around BGC and they have a card system you can use. They never overcrowd buses but even standing in the bus is just as comfortable as sitting.

I never had a problem with getting to and from work in the past since my previous job was a night shift job and parking was always less than P100. Even so, in the past, getting from point A to B and back  was never a problem; until I started working the day shift and started to experience what it was like to be a commuter. Getting to the office was a breeze; jeep-FX-jeep-bus. I would get to BGC 30 minutes  early and would end up wasting time in McDonalds before walking to my building. Going home is a bitch though. Up until now, I am still discovering the most efficient way to get home and I used to take into consideration of how much it’d cost but now it’s more on how long the travel time would take. I’ve walked from one end of Makati to the other, I’ve accumulated

The newer buses are comfortable and even standing isn’t a hassle.

buckets of sweat and gone through almost 8 hand towels in a week. I’ve experienced waiting in line for nearly 2 hours for an FX and I’ve also experienced the notorious MRT issue that I would always read about in the paper or online. The other night, I was forced to take the MRT because of a major accident that had happened in my area which left FX’s stranded on the road. I was pushed and shoved, smelt armpits, had my armpits smelt, stepped on, stared at and again, the sweat. It wasn’t just my sweat but other people’s sweat. With every commute, there’s always that one thought that goes through my mind, “If I was on my bike, I’d be home by now.”

My bike's parking spot at work.
My bike’s parking spot at work.

I was finally granted permission to park my bike in front of one of the parking slots owned by another employee here at work. The very next day, I rode my bike to and from work and needless to say, despite the problem of sweating like a hog and not being able to take a shower before work, biking to and from work has indeed been the best mode of transportation by far.


As mentioned earlier, I now work the dayshift for a company owned by Globe Telecom. I happen to be the only SEO person they’ve hired for the company and I work for a team in charge of creating lifestyle apps such GMovies, apps for online grocery shopping, restaurant table reservations etc. I also discovered during my interview that an old friend I hadn’t seen in years also worked here.

From spending hours in Timezone to spending hours in the same office!
From spending hours in Timezone to spending hours in the same office!
Chilling outside during work.
Chilling outside during work.

So far work has been slow but it has given me a chance to update myself on the world of SEO and basically pick up my knowledge and skills at SEO from where I had left off back in TDP. For the first week though, I was made to sit on these bar stools facing the office verandah (away from my team) and so during the day, I’d find myself sitting outside, working and playing music in my earphones. Rather than individual computers, they actually provide us with laptops so it’s not too bad.

Only in the last week was I able to sit with my team and so far, it has been a riot and there has not been a day when we’re not laughing or teasing each other.

SO this is just a quick update on what’s been happening in the last month. I am taking each day as it comes but have noticed that I am not as stressed as I used to be and that life has indeed decided to keep turning its wheels again. Until the next update…


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