Sunset Ride

There’s indeed something mesmerizing about sunsets that I can’t put my finger on. I find myself preferring late afternoon rides just so I could catch a glimpse of a sunset regardless of where I’m riding to or how far I have to ride. 

Because I had spent the weekend at the beach and binge eating and my only form of exercise was surfing (which was a huge fail), instead of driving my car to run an errand, I hopped on my saddle and was able to catch a glimpse of the sunset. 

During my ride to Parañaque, I rode past an empty field and saw what looked like abandoned and used giant capsules with God knows what had been in them. Going back to my post about Abandonment and how ruins usually made me sad, seeing these giant capsules with the sunset in the background gave me a different feeling. It was beautiful in its own solitude with the sunset in the background. 

I don’t mean to sound like a hippie but I stopped my ride and sat on my saddle on the side of the road for a good 5 minutes just taking it in. That’s when I realized how much I loved sunsets and yes, it deserves its own post. 


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