Haller, Baler

My brother and I along with my 4 cousins and their parents spent the weekend in Baler, Aurora. It is usually a 4-5 hour drive from Manila (which took longer despite it being the weekend) and is known to be one of the best surfing spots that is reachable by land. 

We packed the family van with our weekend clothes of mostly shorts, singlets and not to forget our rash guards and was headed out of the city by 6am. 

I ended up sleeping most of the way and so I wasn’t able to take any photos but I remember the windy yet beautiful road that took us there which made me wish I was cycling up and down those roads instead. 

The road leading up to Baler was under construction with most vehicles heading towards the town and so traffic was in our favor. But if you’re planning on going to Baler on a weekend, be prepared for the people!

The weather was piping hot which made me wonder how people could walk around in their rash guards. At least that’s what I saw while we were deciding on where to eat. 

We headed to the beach in the mid afternoon and the skies weren’t really showing a great day. Regardless though, we were happy to be there and out of the hustle and bustle of Manila. There were people surfing everywhere along the popular stretch of Sabang beach. I usually get turned off by crowded beaches and Sabang wasn’t any different but I was in great company and so I didn’t mind it. We ended up swimming between the surfers waiting for the perfect tiny wave. We didn’t get to surf until the next morning and when we did, my ankle had started hurting after being able to ride the waves a few times. That meant me falling off the board most of the time. I was proud of my cousins though as I could see the joy in their faces as they were able to conquer the waves. 


how could I still see them as kids when they’re more bustier than I am?!?!
If there was one thing I discovered and learned from this trip, it was how grown up my cousins were starting to become. I had spent some time looking after Venice and Nica when they were babies and up until the weekend, I had always seen them as kids even though they’re now in college and just about ready to get their degrees. I definitely know now that I am looking forward to more road trips with them; with or without any adult supervision. 

And with that, here’s a video my cousin compiled of our short trip:

View on YouTube


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