Good Vibrations

After a 5k run this morning with my cousin and a quick nap in the afternoon, I woke up contemplating on whether to jump on my saddle or take the car to these events I had already planned on attending. I had developed a saddle sore and was a bit scared that it might get worse, plus my left ankle was feeling uneasy again. It was an easy decision to make though when my brother walked into my flat to get the car keys from me; but either way, I had already started packing my waist bag and it was definitely a no-brainer.

my cousin and I take a walk after our 5k run at UP Diliman

The first stop was MOA to catch a glimpse of the Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu tournament and to see Annie who was competing. Unfortunately, the games had finished up so I ended up hanging out at the Bayside and caught a show of fireworks.

I was a lone rider in the night again and had to make a decision on which route to take to get to the Bob Marley festival in Greenfield. I ended up taking Edsa (yes, I am crazy) and part of the reason why I ended up taking that route was because I was curious about the “bike lane” in Makati and also how dangerous it really was.


Thoughts while using the bike lane and riding through Edsa:

  • I couldn’t imagine how both cyclists and pedestrians squeeze themselves in this path. Usually, there’s a particular lane for just pedestrians and another for cyclists, but knowing what it’s like here in Manila, it’s more on whether you can get ahead first.
  • I wasn’t quite sure where the bike lanes start and where it’s supposed to end. All I know is that once you reach the intersection between Ayala Ave and Edsa, you’re on your own.
  • You actually have to ride through the bus sheds and the people standing there. Sometimes, they won’t move and will just end up giving you a stare when you say, “excuse me”.
  • They really need to create a separate bike lane near the road with no hazards rather than share a path for pedestrians.
  • While riding on Edsa, I realized that those driving do consider you as long as you’re not an idiot who tries to overtake a bus, taxi or jeepney that has stopped. Just because you’re on a bike doesn’t mean it’s a reason for you to keep dodging whatever hazard is on the road. You have to be wise too.
  • I’ve taken my bike from Ortigas to Guadalupe and I’d have to say, riding from South to North is more tiring.

Once I reached the festival, I could feel the vibe of the festival from just sitting on my bike outside.

view of the festival from the carpark
view of the festival from the carpark
the main stage with people chilling
the main stage with people chilling


Chocolate Factory performing Could You Be Loved

I learned a couple of things during my lone urban biking adventure today:

  • I actually don’t mind going to festivals and events alone. There’s this certain vibe I get especially once I really get into the mood.
  • Falcon (my bike) is the perfect companion during these events. Parking is never a problem and it is definitely faster to get from point A to B and even have time to get to point C.
  • It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what you look like or what you wear and how you talk, reggae music is like good bacteria that lives in our bodies. This evening, I saw different cultures with different ages gathered at the festival, all swaying to the perfect beat of reggae. Everyone was different but we all had one thing in common, our love for Bob Marley. As I sat in an empty space far from the crowd, I closed my eyes and I was taken back to Port Moresby where my love for reggae and Bob Marley had started. I felt a tinge of homesickness, but the good vibrations washed it away.

The ride home was a breeze. My legs were tired but all-in-all, with just 30k logged from my urban ride, I felt alive and felt as though I could keep riding on.

Until the next urban ride..


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