As I rode through the metro last night and was closing in on my destination, I saw this abandoned wreckage of a plane just sitting in an empty field full of broken cement and stones. 

The sight of it sent shivers and tiny pricks down my spine; there’s always something about buildings and such that have been abandoned that gets to me. Perhaps it’s the lonely state it is in… Knowing that there’s most likely a sad and untold story behind it. How a building used to serve a purpose and the fact that it used to be visited and be filled with people and yet, its broken and torn walls and windows makes it all useless. 

I always get that same feeling whenever I’m in a car and I see abandoned houses and buildings and even wrecked cars that have been left on the side of the road. There’s just something so sad about them and seeing the aircraft was worse. I start imagining of what could’ve happened, a crash, people getting hurt… Sometimes my imagination could get horrific. 

Since I ride in the metro on a daily basis and see these buildings and feel all these weird prickly feelings everytime, in an effort to somehow make my ride more enjoyable than sad, I’m gonna start taking photos of anything abandoned… And perhaps make something out of them. They say I used to have a talent in photography where I could make something look really beautiful through my lenses, we’ll see if we can bring that back. 


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