The Yearn to Live Life on a Bike

Earlier this evening, while waiting for my brother to finish preparing his dinner, I decided to jump on the YouTube and search up on bike touring. It’s been a month since I experienced my first ever bike tour to Marinduque and it’s safe to say that I am still experiencing a hardcore hangover from our trip. I keep going back on the photos taken during the trip and the little video I had made.

This is by far the best video that I’ve seen about bike touring as these bike tourists basically described how I feel whenever my foot touches the pedal.

One of the cyclists, Ainaz Bozorgzadeh, inspired me the most. When she turned 29, she put her Engineering degree on hold and set out to explore Southeast Asia. She started off her journey with a friend that shared the same enthusiasm as her but along the journey, they both realized that they were seeking for different types of adventures and ended up travelling alone in different directions but yet remained close friends.

So my yearning to be on my bike has grown stronger. I don’t have the luxury of a job and wealth as of yet (but hopefully that will change soon!) but I know that once I’m stable (financially that is), I am able to go on more bike tours. It may not be as big as a trip around Southeast Asia, but I know it’s something I want to do.

Although Ainaz has proven to me that you don’t necessarily need to have a fellow bike tourist with you during the journey, it would be great to actually find someone who would share the same sentiments, enthusiasm and the love for cycling to go on journeys with.


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