Sunday Ride

Lately, I haven’t been riding my bike or exercising as much as I had been doing in the past couple of months. I shouldn’t really be making this as an excuse but my mum and brother had come back from NZ and then there’s also looking after mum’s staff member who is in Manila for her cancer. 

But nevertheless, when I do find the time to exercise, I’m on my bike and I’m making my way to the pool to swim some laps. 

Today, after visiting Schola (mum’s staff) at the hospital, I rode towards MOA and stopped by a small park in CCP. My friend Ice and I discovered this spot during one public holiday and we didn’t know where to go to just sit and catch up. It has since become my favorite peaceful spot because despite the hustle and bustle of the streets of Manila, there lies that park filled with trees and people just lying peacefully under them. It’s not your ordinary park as there were no park benches or no water feature and the entrance to go into was even hard to find. 

If you’re not the curious type, you wouldn’t even try to access this place because it just looked abandoned but once you’re in there, it is just perfect. 


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