Alindog – n. 1. great charm of beauty; 2. kind/indulgent treatment of other

4 years ago, I packed up my life that I had started to build, sold most of my items and left New Zealand to go back to Manila. I had to start anew as I couldn’t find a job that would allow me to stay in Auckland. A few days after landing in Manila, I secured a job and for nearly 4 years, I worked the night shift for a web design company. Along the way, I did try to keep fit but food and an unhealthy lifestyle followed me. I kept getting sick and I had this longing to change it all; so I quit.

It took a while to get back into fitness and a couple of months ago, I decided to take it seriously. I tuned up the beat up old bike that my friend Jones had left me and started riding. I ignored people’s thoughts and fears about riding in the metro; I suppose it’s because of the will and determination to get back in shape.

It’s now been over 3 months since I quit my job and I’ve lost almost 10 kilos from swimming and biking. Along the way, I’ve met people who have given me inspiration to reach my goal and some say i have inspired them to do the same thing.

I’m not quite sure why it took me this long to write about this road to fitness but this is a start. This is my road to alindog.


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