The Summer that never came

Yes, I felt the scorching heat. The sweat dripping down my body, drenching my bra and whatever loose shirt I was wearing. My hair, drenched in sweat as though there was a leaking faucet above my head. How I used to hate going to mall to “hang around” and had never really known the point of people going there, then I realize it was cause it was an air-conditioned place. Questions were answered like how I could never get why Filipinos always had hankies in their pockets or “loose powder” and that was to obviously wipe the sweat off and loose powder to stop themselves looking like you could fry an egg on your face.

Some say it’s like this all year long, but it’s only ever worse in summer. And in summer, I longed to be at the beach. There was not a summer that had gone by where I wasn’t at the beach; regardless of where I was. Summers in New Zealand were in December and although it wasn’t ultimately hot, we braved the cold water. Summer here on the other hand would be driving for hours till you get a reasonable looking beach and having to pay to actually go there. New Zealand, free.

And I’m comparing again.

But now that summer is partially gone, and kids are back in school, and I’m still sitting in this air-conditioned office, I realize that I didn’t long to be at the beach this year. Not once. Rather than letting myself drown in salt water, I let myself drown with work. I let myself do that because secretly, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing a bikini with my body looking like this. Not like how it used to be.

So let’s put in a #throwback image to finish this post of and let’s hope that next summer will be a more successful summer:


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