According to Wikipedia, the term Karōshi means death by overwork. It was something that my workmates and I had once discussed and kind of made a joke out of after reading a couple of articles online of known deaths by working too much.

And here I am, on a Sunday night. Working. Others ask why I do it. I sometimes ask myself why I do it. I just remember waking up in the afternoon and the first thing I think of is wanting to go to the office and catch up. That’s right, one of the reasons I do is it to catch up. Sometimes I feel bad for logging out and shutting off my PC “too early”. That too early being an hour after I was supposed to do it. And then I remembered how last weekend, I did the same thing, except it was a long weekend. I got scared last weekend because I started hearing noises in the office at 2am and I was all alone. So I ended up going in the afternoon instead.

Regardless of what the time was, the issue is that I am actually here. This time, not alone but with a workmate who already had made it a habit of coming in. The both of us have taken on a position that requires us to take on more. An excuse would be that we don’t have lives. Well we do. But for me, if you consider life being sitting on my ass in front of a TV and playing Sims on my iPad considered a life, then I would rather be here at the office.

I don’t have the motivation to exercise anymore and I am slowly turning into a blob. But I would rather turn into a blob than to fall behind in work.

How sad is that.

I just wonder when Karōshi will eventually take over my life.


2 thoughts on “Karōshi

    1. Takae! Mahal mag gym dito! At wala akong panahon mag gym 😦 or rather, I need someone to motivate me. Kailangan mag hire ako ng personal trainer that will push me! Parang yung mga celebs. But I’m not a celeb. LECHE.

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