Elections 2013

I’m not really a fan of politics, especially for this country. So therefore I didn’t register to vote. So I can’t complain. If we want to vote for someone, vote for yourselves. Change starts with yourself and where you live and how you live your life coincidentally with everyone. Regardless of who we vote for, people’s attitudes aren’t going to change with how people drive on the road, or how jeepneys and buses stop wherever they please. How people wait at the foot of a flyover for public transport instead of at the waiting shed. I hope whoever is voted in could influence people on changing their ways. That is all. So even though I didn’t vote, I hope others that did voted wisely. And for those senators, I hope that rather indulging in on your win to make change for the better, to actually push for this change for the better to happen. Change doesn’t start with who we vote for, it starts with the people.



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