Sometimes, all we really need to do is take a break from the present, and endure a little bit of the past. The laughter, the friendship, catching up on the present and of course seeing how life has moved on and how we all have hopped on that train. It was a good catch up. Something I needed and realized I needed to do more often. I always dreaded being someone you only catch up with every so often. You’re FB friends but don’t really “talk”. But I found out that you can’t always talk to everyone you think you’re close with and sometimes you have to have them absent days; it’s like a monthly or quarterly subscription where you get to catch up on everything.

Today I realized how fine I am with that.

And today I realized too how we’re not in college anymore and that the only way to go through life is to actually grow up and get rid of the old attitude and be more positive.

Cheers to lunch breaks and the catch up!


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