A note

I think about you day by day. I wish I didn’t. But I can’t help it. I wanna know how you are, if things has settled down for you, if she’s treating you right, but more importantly, if you’re thinking about me too.

Knowing you, you probably would stop yourself from getting in touch with me. You probably rely on Facebook to know what’s going on with me. Yet you’ve probably filtered me out somehow so that if you post an update on Facebook, I won’t see it. You’re scared I’ll get hurt or angry. Especially if it’s with her.

But that’s ok. Maybe it’s good for me. Then I can move on.

But I’m scared that because it’s taking me this long to move on, that you’ve lost interest. Or that you’ve gotten used to the fact that we don’t talk. I fear I’m not needed anymore and that our friendship doesn’t mean as much.

I have a lot of fears. I’d ask you myself but maybe it’s time you focused on your new relationship. I need to learn to give space.

But know that I miss you. Like mad. If only you knew.


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