A 360 life

Funny how life can have its twist and turns. One minute you’re living life for yourself; all responsibilities are only for yourself, the food you eat, what you do day by day just to keep yourself occupied, the money you make from work that’s supposed to only be for your own disposal or perhaps to save for a better future. And then in a blink of an eye, you’re faced with these never-ending responsibilities and soon, everyone else is relying on you. When in the past, it was so easy to just take a breather; whenever, wherever. Now, it’s all about whether you have done what is asked of you. And if you haven’t, you let others down.

All I’ve said in this entry is all about you. It’s a given that it’s me. I am the one faced with all these responsibilities. Then again, it’s about time.

I am now being forced to think of the future. Now being forced to makes plans and goals. Not just for myself but for other people as well. From being someone who really only fended for themselves, here I am having to fend for other people.

The question I dare not ask myself is, can I do this?


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