An Update

It has been nearly a month since my last update and needless to say, I am disappointed and upset with myself for not being able to squeeze in my own personal space. And also needless to say, I have been needing to write something…

Though it did take me one go to actually say something to a friend. And after that, like a load had been taken away from my shoulders.

I sent a box to Auckland the other week. The box had tiny gifts for some friends, especially for Cheryl and Sin-Mae for her birthday. I was glad it got there, but something triggered inside of me and for 3 straight days, it had seemed like I was ready to sell everything up again, borrow some money from relatives and leave Manila. I knew it was impossible, but I wanted to be there when they all got their gifts.

But I’m ok now, I think. Work is a great distraction, and not to mention mum getting her approval to open up a small cafe downstairs in our building.

Distractions are all I need now.


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