The War between PC and Mac

(An entry from 2008)

There has been a war that’s been going on, that we’re so used to knowing or hearing about it, but we hardly ever really take notice of it. Only because this war doesn’t involve people getting abused or killed. It is the war in TECHNOLOGY.

Back then, and even up until today, when people buy PCs or LAPTOPS, they always consider the brand that they’re going to buy. Many factors usually come into the subject when buying either one. Is the RAM fast enough? Is the hard disk space big enough to store everything; Music, pictures, videos/movies? Is the video card perfect for gaming? Does it come with a ready-to-use LAN card? What about the monitor (when it comes to PCs)? Is it a CRT monitor or is it an LCD? The main factor is, how much is it going to cause?

My brother has always been someone to know about PCs. Back in the day when I was first introduced to the PC, it wasn’t even a Windows-based PC. So I was taught the good ol’ DOS.

But I can never forget my first Macintosh computer:

I was in Primary school, so I didn’t really care for the difference between the Macintosh computers and the PCs. I used the Macintosh computers at school while we had a PC running DOS at home. Our word-processing software back then was even Word Perfect:

Ahh those were the days.

Eventually Windows 95 was introduced…then 98, then we upgraded to Professional 2000, finally XP. In a way, I did get used to the PC format…only because it was really the only accessible computer either at home or where my mum worked. The internet only became a big thing to me in 1999…when dial-up was the only available connection. I started learning about the PC’s hardware and its works a bit later in the years…especially since my brother had the knack for buying single hardware parts and piecing a computer together. There was also a time that he’d buy every hardware and build a computer with his “perfect” specs.

It wasn’t until 2002 when I started university in New Zealand, that I encountered the Macs. Of course, I knew about the Mac, even though it had been 10 years since I last touch an Apple Macintosh computer. These Macs were different. And at first, it left me confused as the mouse only had one click, and to me, it wasn’t as complicated. It indeed was faster…and soon, I got the hang of it. I learned Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other graphic design softwares using a Mac. I have to admit that life was indeed easier.

But then I had to leave the Mac world behind…and stepped into the PC world; and that was the Philippines. The Philippines was used to using PCs. Go into an internet shop and you’ll find PCs lined up in booths. PCs running ATMs, PCs in people’s houses. And if you did own a Mac, then you’re considered RICH. Mainly because Macs are known to be virus-free…and doesn’t hang (or crash) as much as PCs usually do. And because Macs are known to be friendlier for graphic design or multimedia and the works…they’ve risen their prices…and you can’t build your own computer with a Mac.

So for a couple of years after that, PCs were still a strong thing, until about 2 years ago or maybe a year ago, that I realized that Macs were starting to become a ‘thing’ here in the Philippines. Power Mac Centers were opening up in new malls, and even old malls were also opening those stores up. Even such stores as Krumpler sold bags that weren’t really fit for a PC laptop but for a Mac. Power Mac centers were there for people who were still oblivious of the one-mouse-click wonder, where they could experience the Mac world. Even my college change all its PCs to Macs (after my batch graduated and I had left UST). And so there I was, back in New Zealand, back to the Mac world…it was faster, I easily got used to it and it made my life as a graphic artist/photographer easier. So when I came back here last year, I yearned for a Macbook. May it be a Pro or not…I just knew that life would be easier.I own a Macbook Pro.

I got my auntie who lives in the States to buy me one and where I would be able to pay her back in installments. In that way, instead of waiting 3-4 years until I finally get to purchase one, I’d have one and spend the 3-4 years paying it back.

Then there’s FlippyKnows, the weekly Wifi party that takes place at My Little Art Place. Here, if you have a laptop, it’s a good thing as you can log into the internet there…of course, having a laptop isn’t a requirement. There, I was able to see the different PC and Mac laptops there were. When I should be proud that I have a Macbook Pro (or MBP), I was actually scared to take it out because I don’t really like comments like, naks naman! ang yaman mo pala e! But then it soon came as a comfort to me to know that I wasn’t the only one with an MBP. During my first FlippyKnows gathering, there were about 5 people with MBPs. And of course, PC laptop users would comment small things, but not to diss MBPs. I even taught basic Dreamweaver using my MBP! (I’ve got Windows XP installed on it =S)

Now I’ve got friends who diss MBPs or Macs because deep inside, they want one. I’ve never heard someone diss Macs because they were just awful computers. But more often, Mac-users switch to Macs because PCs have failed them. To me, it’s like comparing Sony Ericsson to Nokia and its different uses. While Nokia comes out with a new models almost every month, Sony Ericsson’s able to retain its models. Same goes with Macs and PCs; Mac being Sony Ericsson and Nokia, PCs.

But believe it or not, I’d still like to have a PC. I haven’t totally given up on PCs. I actually wanna give PCs with Ubuntu/Linux a go. And also, I wanna have a PC don’t won’t easily give up on me because speaking from my friend’s experience…he’s only had the PC for a few months and it’s already crashed.

So for now…I’ll make do with this MBP…and will move from there. I still have to pay it off, but it should be easier from here on.

What computer do you use and if you could put a Mac on your wishlist, would you?


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