Goodbye Sony Ericsson, Hello Nokia

(blog from 2008)

For a while now, I preferred Sony Ericsson phones over Nokia phones. Mainly because Nokia seemed to come out with new models like every month or something. Sony Ericsson has been at the top of my list of brand names when it comes to phones, and it certainly has lived up to its expectations. Sony Ericsson was able to produce phones that had high quality graphics, and like Nokia, they too had units to suit image shooters or music lovers…and also a little bit of both. I loved how Sony Ericsson’s interface was so user-friendly and just addictive to use. They wouldn’t come out with new models to out-do the old ones. In fact, I’ve never heard of a Sony Ericsson ‘phasing out’.

Now let me take you back when I graduated from High School and entered a world that was far from the analogue world. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, and cellphones or mobile phones weren’t in. In fact, if you ended up carrying a mobile phone to school, you’re like the shit! Or you’re known to be some rich kid or something who’s parents want an easier way to get in touch with you if you’re getting picked up. You know, stuff like that. Papua New Guinea was WAY behind in technology. So moving to the Philippines, the simplest cellphones were ‘in’. The good ol’ Nokia 3310.

Now this sturdy phone I was proud of. Back then when all phones bore a green screen…but to me, it was one of the sturdiest phones I’ve ever known. I remember taking up Autocadd at SM Manila, and this phone would be by my side, if ever I got bored with the lecture, I’d play games on. Yep, this good old phone is a classic. It wasn’t until I had to leave the Philippines to go to New Zealand in 2002. I had to leave this phone behind because 3310s weren’t cut out to be used there.

And so I moved to New Zealand…and had to buy a phone. So I opted for something similar and fell in love with the Nokia 3315 (corny, I know!)

I was thrilled with this phone because you could personalize your ringtone and message tone, instead of having the usual standard tone. Then it was time for me to go back to the Philippines…There I kept up with the 3315 because I could finally use it in the Philippines.

Then came the start of 1st year at UST when I started majoring in Advertising Arts. The Nokia 3660 was indeed something I had the hots for.

Now this was my first “colored” camera phone that I ever had. With its wide screen…and the fact that you could just keep taking pictures whenever you felt like it. It was a huge phone but I didn’t mind it. Plus, I had chosen the color red, it being my favorite color. Then there came a time when I guess I had dropped it too many times that the screen kept on fading out. It was annoying. Up to the point that it had completely stopped working.

Now I remember having a 2nd-hand Samsung phone after that. It had a camera as well, but flipping it was just weird. I couldn’t be bothered searching for an image of the phone because it just wasn’t worth it.

Then came the Nokia 6270…bought as a 2nd-hand phone.

I remember seeing that phone for the first time and falling in love with its sleekness. I got so jealous that I stormed into Greenhills to find at least a 2nd-hand one. And there it was. I loved its interface and the fact that it played MP3s and the sound coming out of it was angelic. Plus it had a 2gig memory card to it. The fact that it was a slide phone didn’t bother me because at that time, I wasn’t really bothered about the ‘belt’ that lay between the bottom part of the phone and the top. The phone lasted me a couple of years. I even brought it to New Zealand last year…until it started playing up on me. The screen started showing weird colors. I had it checked and they told me it was because of the ‘belt’ or something that needed to be replaced. I contemplated on having it fixed in New Zealand, but thank goodness I had bought a cheap 2nd-hand phone in the Philippines that I was using for roaming. And because I was extremely annoyed with my loss, I even bought myself a 2-week old Motorola V3 phone. It was different. It was wide…and the keys were just different. I didn’t really have a ‘feel’ for the phone as it lacked features. And I didn’t feel as though it was ‘that’ user-friendly.

Then this guy introduces me to Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones. Then, I didn’t really have a lot of money…and so I was living off my salary from my part-time work. But I wanted to change phones that I ended up swapping my V3 for a brand-new but cheap Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. And there, the SE W200i was born.

Although the quality of the camera wasn’t all that (with only just a VGA camera) and its screen looking a bit like it had static going through it, SE’s walkman series proved to be something special. I always loved the attachment I could have with the phone where I could stick normal headphones/earphones and with the memory card it had, it could store a lot of songs I could never get sick of listening to.

I then headed back to the Philippines and thought about my old 6270, and I couldn’t let go of the idea that it couldn’t get fixed. By then, I had decided to sell my w200i over TradeMe in which was sold the same price as a brand new phone (here in the Philippines). At that time, my cousin’s girlfriend was selling her well-kept Nokia 6630. I remember my brother owning one of these a long time ago…and I remember adoring it to the max.

I kept using this phone, while I got my Nokia 6270 fixed…and soon, I was handling 2 phones. My 6270 carried my Globe simcard while my 6630 carried my Smart number. Until one day, while riding a G-Liner to work, I just don’t know how it happened but someone stole my 6270 out of my bag. Damn fool.

But I had to move on…and I was getting sick of the 6630 and started missing my walkman phone. I starting reminiscing the sweet sounds that came out of SE’s walkman phone and opted to buy another one. And like I said, I usually couldn’t afford to buy brand new ones, I ended up purchasing a 2nd-hand w850i.

Although it was a 2nd-hand, it did the trick. And although it was a walkman phone, I didn’t have earphones for it and soon, it was just used to take photos and store contacts. But it never left my side.

Little did I know that any other Nokia phone would attract me…until my sister mentioned that she wanted me to buy a Nokia 5310 for her.

At first, I wasn’t too sure of getting her a Nokia phone…because I’d keep on reminiscing about the dreamy sounds from SE phones, regardless of whether they were walkman phones or cybershot cameras. And it wasn’t until a couple of days after she mentioned this phone that I started noticing a lot of people carrying this phone around…so out of curiosity, I browsed through the phone this morning and ended up playing this game on…and realizing how hooked I had gotten. Not just the game, but the interface of it all. And so I thought this is it…this is the phone I’m getting for my sister! Then my friend told me the price…I was in awe because it was cheaper than I thought it was. I then started thinking that perhaps I should get the same one as well…it was too good to miss.

After browsing around the Theater Mall at Greenhills (cause the actual Virra Mall was closed due to renovations), I finally found where they sold it for a cheap price. I ended up getting my sister the 5310 with a little blue on it, and bought mine that was all black. I always thought that I needed a phone to go roaming with, but after some thought…I decided to give my SE to my kuya, who’s more in need of a working phone than myself…who really didn’t need two phones.

So now I’m saying good-bye to the SE series. I don’t know when I’ll be back with SE. At this point, I don’t see myself being an SE user until…well…not for a while.


Let’s make this long entry and interactive one!!


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