Blog from July 15, 2008

This could be my last blog entry whilst I’m here in the Philippines (nakz, may ganon ka-drama pa!) I got home about an hour ago, and I sat myself straight down on this computer chair instead of packing all my things in my dirty room. Before I came home, I was at Trinoma with 3 of my best friends…

Weird how I call them my best friends…because I never usually call anyone a ‘best friend’. I didn’t want to place anyone in a level higher than the other. I do have a soulmate. Her name’s Ria and we’ve been friends since primary school days. Even before we became classmates in High School, she was practically my first friend when we I first moved to Papua New Guinea. And after a couple of years of not seeing each other, I ended up in the Philippines for an indefinite period of time, she was here, and so we talked on the phone. She said in a serious tone, do you think that we’re soulmates? Of course, at first, I chuckled and thought that it was a corny idea. She too, laughed…but then later said she was serious after explaining that after so many years of leave PNG and then reuniting with each other, that perhaps somehow and some way, we always end up finding each other.

Going back to my best friends…this group of friends consists of what we call 707. 707 was my apartment unit number back in P. Campa at KB Arizona…the place that I lived in for 3 years during college. The place where my friends would hang out in every time they wanted to skip class, or the place we’d all meet up at if we were going somewhere, and of course, the place where drinking sessions, staying-up-doing-plates sessions and afterschool sessions were held. There were also a lot of times that we’d buy rated-R art films, mostly with sex in them, and have DVD marathon sessions. For 3 years…the place was a real home, regardless of the fact that it was just a studio apartment and it was small. Too many memories had been made at the place. 707 moved on to create Madhouse Project, the company that 707 and Ivan Basit managed.

I haven’t left the country yet, and I already miss them.

Here are the list of things I’m going to miss when I’m gone:

  • Cheap items. Cheap food, drinks, candy…and whatever else that you can buy cheap here. Fishball, something that I think I only ate once while I was here. Coke Zero, Paki-plastic na lang po! Candy, piso-piso lang yan! Wag madamot! Siomai, especially from the P12 store just round the corner of P. Noval St. at UST. 707 and I used to go there whenever we’d get hungry. It started off as just a Siomaian stand and where tables and chairs were set up on the sidewalk, then it grew to like a resto type of place where you could even order siomai with rice and larger mango shakes. Lumelevel ang lola mo!! Hi to Lyca! (The bading who serves food there, and also to the other bading, which I remember his name).
  • The traffic. Yes, although the traffic here drives me mad, I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss smelling like pollution when I’ve left the car at home and done a commuting marathon.
  • UST. While being absent from New Zealand for a year, I’ve taken strolls to UST, to jog or to make tambay at the dojo. There I’ve met new judokas and reunited with the old foggies.
  • Wearing a shemagh in hot weather. It’s stupid. Why do people where shemaghs when the weather isn’t even suited for it. It’s hot!! But then, I’m going to miss wearing a shemagh, even in the hot weather. Because I’ve found a reason to wear one. Firstly, I don’t carry a hankerchief around, and so when sweat is dripping down my neck or face, I’ve got the shemagh to wipe it off. Or when it starts raining, and since I don’t carry an umbrella around, I use my shemagh to cover my head. Remember Bawal Magkasakit! And last but not least, because I SOOOO wanna be like everyone else. Pun intended. Hehe. Oh and I forgot, I brought my shemagh to buy more shemaghs, and so Anne and I were walking through Quiapo in the pouring rain. I was wearing a skirt and slippers and putek kept on getting on my legs. When we got back to UST, I wiped the putek off with my shemagh. I’m sorry, but I know shemaghs are meant to be worn and used properly, but I was desperate. I’m sorry.
  • The hot weather. I should definitely put this at the top of list as New Zealand is different from Manila. I came back to the Philippines in August, and it was still hot. It wasn’t supposed to be THAT hot, but it was…and what was worse was when summer came. And I didn’t make the most of it cause I’d yearn to head off to Anawangin…but the trip was always postponed or cancelled. And sometimes, I’d drive Ivan’s family’s car if we’d go out, and their car’s airconditioning was broken. I remember leaving the car parked for a couple of hours, going back into the car…sweat was mega dripping down my chest. I’ve also had the cars I was driving overheat because of the dreadful heat. But yeah, it’s something I’m going to miss.
  • Driving from South to North and back. I’m a happy driver. I’m surprised though because I haven’t gotten into an accident or had anything serious happen to the car while I’ve been here; unlike before where I’d have something happen to the cars I’d drive like every two weeks. I eventually became popular to my friends because of that. And now since I’m a happy driver, I was happy to drop off my friends to their respectful abodes, regardless of whether they lived in Marikina or Fairview or anywhere that was the opposite direction of my house. And I’m definitely going to miss just driving around…just that.
  • Madhouse Project Headquarters. This place is in Sta. Mesa at Ivan’s house. We made it a point that every Friday would be a meeting time since the next day was the weekend, and all of them didn’t have to go to work. So we’d meet up at Ivan’s around 10ish pm…and usually, we’d wait till everyone got there (because some would be doing overtime at work) before starting the meeting. We’d all sleep there…and share ideas…Ok I won’t go any further.
  • Unlimited DSL. This place holds no bandwidth for the usage of the internet. We’re on SmartBro in this house and it’s fairly fast. But aside from that, you can download as much as you want, any time you want. In New Zealand, I remember upgrading from dial-up to DSL, and our bandwidth would be a max of 10 gigs per month, and if you’ve exceeded the alloted bandwidth per month, automatically, another 10 gigs would be added onto your bill. And of course, it’s expensive. So I gotta find a place where there’s unlimited bandwidth. Oh and the connection is sooooo slow there.
  • Greenhills. One word: CHEAP.

And of course, I’ve only mentioned materialistic things. Aside from that, I’m going to miss everyone, especially my little niece who’s done pretty much nothing but smile and be cute to light up my life. I’m going to miss all those people I’ve known for a long time but I’ve only gotten to know lately (you know who you are!)

Until I’m at the airport blogging. This is Aubrey Rodriguez signing off. =)


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