I’ve tripped, and I’ve fallen. I’ve made decisions on choices that in the first place, I never wanted to make. My head is filled with words, that it’s ready to explode in any time of day. Insecurities have built up, and I’ve taken the fall, into a sea full of crabs. And being optimistic gets tiring, but being a pessimist drains you more. So what now? I’ve tried to take a step forward, but there are chains wrapped around my ankles and I find myself falling on my knees, scraping themselves on the glass covered path. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so they say. I try to shy away from my emotions. I try not to fill my head with too many words. I try not to feel anything. What makes you can break you. And there is nothing to do but sit and wait. Things will get better. And I’ll find myself flying instead of falling. The chains around my ankles will break away eventually, and the blood from my knees will be wiped. The shitty now will be then, and soon…then will be a brighter now.


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