Your presence is like the feel of a tattoo being embedded onto my skin
Tiny mosquitoe bites that cause a burning sensation rather than pain
I yearn for the pain
I yearn for the next tattoo
I yearn for you

You will always be a mystery
It is not I standing in the dark, illustrating shadows of my embodiment
It is you.
Yet I am sucked into your world
Sucked into a black hole
Blanketed by a daze of blackness
Then suddenly, I am standing there with you
And breathing all that flows out of you
Feeling your arms around me, protecting me from the harshness of light

But just like any tattoo…just like any burning sensation
The pain passes.

Yet your black hole is now turned into a comfort zone
And that burning sensation I feel is needed to be felt. Wanted to be felt.
With the darkness you surround me with
It is now a place I find myself wanting to stay in
Surrounded by your mysterious aura

It is not right
But I still stay
While you’re there, that’s where I’ll be
Right or wrong
Pain or no pain
I feel you, I need you.


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