You listen, but are you really listening?
You talk, but do you really mean the words you say?
You see, but have you ever really looked at yourself?
You cry, yet your tears are hidden away from the public.
From reality.
You stare at yourself in the mirror, yet you hardly recognize the eyes staring back at you.
Those eyes that have looked into mine, what used to be warming, now seemingly shallow.

Where did this all come from?

Little by little, pieces are falling from the sky, covering the comforting face that I used to see.
Like a snake revealing a new skin, like a butterfly retreating back into its cocoon.

You can’t see it, you won’t see it.
You’ll just let it happen.
The words that you hear will remain echoes in your head.
The words that you speak will come out empty.
The eyes you see with will remain voluntarily masked.

Where did this all come from?

I ask, yet find no answer.

Cause in reality…it’s not just you behind that mask.

I stare at myself and find shallow eyes staring back.
It’s me too. I too am living behind a mask.


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