Looking for the All-Spark

Read a really useful article for those looking into refreshing their inspiration when it comes to art and design.

Just an excerpt…

1. Kit-Kat
That means to have a break from what you’re doing. However long you need – but enough for you to come back with a fresh mindset. A clear head and mindset may change your approach. Make the most of a break;

Take a walk: the fresh air always helps to clear the head. Get chatting to someone outside of your normal circle. Do something out of the ordinary routine.

Read a book: we all say we should do it more but seriously, it is a break from the norm. No colours, shapes, screens or pixels; just words. Escaping into a book (not a magazine) may be just the thing.

Take a shower: this may sound funny but there’s something quite therapeutic about water bursting directly onto your head. Relaxes the body and mind. If that doesn’t  work then you can help by singing a few notes from your favourite song. Hopefully once the smoke clears you’ll be refreshed and clear headed.

Go to the toilet: again, this may sound odd but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had a light bulb idea while on the bog.

Sleep: that’s right, get some rest. Quite often the block comes from overworking so getting some rest will let the brain and body recoup.

2. Ride the waves
Surf the internet and spend a little time just checking other peoples work. This is a great source of inspiration, and method to research. Click on a few links, and then click on a few more links. Ride the wave and see where it takes you. Curiosity will lead you to different places – where you find different things. What I tend to do is save any images I find inspiring into a folder. That way when I’m kinda feeling uninspired they’re there to help get the cogs.

3. Have fun
Do something random or different. Go wild. When you’re churning out results every time you forget to have fun along the way. Experiment more with different styles and colours and you may just surprise yourself with the results.

4.  Don’t think – feel
Putting a lot of thought into something is good most of the time. Over thinking however will just cause you to fry your own circuits. Bruce lee just sums it up best. Don’t think, feel. Do what feels right. Do what you feel like doing.

Read more here…


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