The Good in something Odd

The start of the weekend was spent sleeping for about 18 hours, of course waking up in between for about an hour yet finding myself giving in to the comfort of the bed I was sleeping on. Plans were made yet didn’t pull through but either way, there was Sunday to make up for it.

It wasn’t an ordinary Sunday to say the least. Usually Sundays were spent with me just roaming the mall wondering what the hell I was doing there. But because my brother had invited me to go grocery shopping during the week and because dad had requested to have dinner with us kids the weekend before, I decided to hit two birds with one stone and opted to have a family dinner out.

I was itching to watch a movie rather than stay indoors and found myself watching Pirates of the Caribbean (which y’all need to watch cause it was amazing!) with a new friend and workmate Mar; who was then trying to keep herself occupied and less lonely because her boyfriend was in the US.

The title is the way it is because having a family dinner with my dad usually ends up in some sort of disappointment. It was odd and there I was waiting for something tragic to happen. But I was really over-thinking things and it actually wasn’t that bad.It just made me realise that I should stop over-thinking and that perhaps something good can come out of a broken past. My family’s past, especially with my dad was always a sensitive subject. A subject that I always chose not to talk about because when I do start talking, it’s like a dagger through my soul and sometimes the tears from the pain keep flowing out. Sometimes it takes too long for those tears to run out. That’s how sensitive I was about the subject, that’s how badly affected I was with my family’s past. It’s something that people always told me to get over, but it’s an ongoing problem that even if I did when I did think I had gotten over it, something would happen and yet again, it is triggered.

But no Sunday was different. And I am grateful. Something good can come out of something odd.


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