Awakened from a sullen slumber
Run away from woes of screaming and fighting
Hemorrhage from a blow to the head
The leach of the blood that your shallow dagger has gored into me.

Trickles of blood remain on my black pillow.
As I yearn to stay in that vigilant state to scurry from the thoughts and visions of our distant past.
But as the days and nights carry on
Musings of you sink into my already-flooded soul
And follows me into the unfathomable black hole of dreams turned nightmares.

Consciously my legs are aching, sprinting to cross the line to wakeness.
My breath heaving in my hollow yet stocked chest
Struggling to recover, struggling for a gulp of air.

Everything is now you.
Everything is now about running away from you.
Everything is now about running, sprinting, sacrificing the perfect breath because of you.
Yet every night, I place my head on that bloodied pillow
Aware of what the distant slumber could give to me.
Knowing that you will be standing at the end of the finish line, the final vision before I wake into reality.
Your face, your persona will follow me day by day.
Like the devil that floats on the side of my head.

Yet still I remain vulnerable. Vulnerable to the fiend of our broken past.
You remain the devil inside my head.


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