Nothingness creeps in through the dull coloured blinds
Loneliness walks through the door and greets you with silence.
A fake smile, a forced nod.
Light disappears through the vague coming of summer
15 hours of physical brightness in a day
15 hours of mental darkness in my brain.

Squinting through the brightness of the dark
Breathing through the knife stabbed in my back
The world spins, and I am still palpitating.
Choking. Wheezing.
Regurgitating on this Loneliness.

My eyelids are tempting itself to shut permanently.
My soul ready to be drained out through the surging fluid of blood
through my veins, onto the cream-coloured carpet.

Waiting for the right time.
Waiting impatiently.
Needing to kill Loneliness.


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