A Rare Occurrence

I woke up to some sort of war-like sound. It jolted me awake, I quickly slipped off my sleeping mask, got off my sleeping position, onto my knees and looked out the window. Somehow I thought it was something that exploded in my apartment building, but then all I saw was the rain that had started pouring down, and then realised it was just a clap of thunder that had woken me up. 3 hours after dosing off with sounds of George FM streaming on my computer, 4 hours earlier than my usual sleeping routine.

I looked over at my computer and realised that I had just missed a Skype call a few minutes earlier. That Skype call that was the reason why for a couple of days now, I would keep my laptop on as I slept. That Skype call that was the reason why the volume on my laptop was at its loudest. Just to see that smile… Just to hear that voice.

I can’t sleep now. It’s a Friday night, a supposed night out to party. Might be too cold to go out for people in a place I’d rather be, usually a little bit of Friday night that was spent at home rather than out. At home on Skype. Talking, laughing and joking around on Skype. But that’s just a rare occurrence. And for some reason, the conversation might not go the way it used to. How I hope to God it wouldn’t be like that and things would continue as normal.

But on this side of the world, in my part of life, there is still work till tonight, on a Friday night.

Yet here I sit, twiddling my thumbs, sleepless. Hoping and praying that certain person would make a miraculous appearance online, because I’d rather be tired and sleepy at work knowing that I had spent my aching hours with that person on Skype.

Yuck Aubs. You’re such a romantic.


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