I took my little brother to the emergency room. His boyfriend called me up asking where his asthma inhaler was and with little time that he had, told me what was happening. It took me a split-second to decide to leave my desk and rush back to the apartment; luckily enough, it was my lunch break and I could leave my desk. I could hear his cries from the hallway of the apartment and suddenly had a flash back going back 3 years ago when the same thing happened. I woke up to hear him scream out loud and found him having a seizure of some sort on the floor next to the bed. I rushed him to the hospital. Same scenario, same situation, same outcome.

He’s alright now. I reminded him to take his meds and eat bananas as his blood test results showed he was low in potassium. I started thinking about the what if’s… This included “what if I wasn’t here?”. As he says, it had happened twice last year. Sure it did, but I can’t help but think that no one else in the family knew of these things, and I am here.

My friend always said that perhaps finding myself back here in Philippines had its purpose. Maybe I was meant to be here. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps, this was one of the reasons why I was here. And perhaps I should stay here a while.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not warming up to the idea that I’d be here for a while. Not yet, but what happened yesterday really made me think otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Importances

  1. You know Aubrey, there are several things my sister’s death taught me and this was one of them. I really do believe that the huge diversions in our life’s path are there for a several reasons and we are lucky if we ever have our eyes opened to one of the reasons. Not saying that everything has meaning but I am certain that a lot of it does.

    So hopefully you can go forward with the idea that yes, I am somewhere I don’t want to be but I still have purpose here. And it doesn’t have to be forever. Don’t let it be a drag. Miss your old life, miss your old friends but don’t let it stop you from living.

    Xx I really enjoy reading what all of this is like for you and I absorb all the lessons too 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much Mish, I loved this input of yours. Yes I remember when I was told about your sister… I really felt it. I only knew Djone then and it must’ve been really hard… I’m keeping my eyes open definitely. I’m not too closed off and there’s still room to grow and accept things.

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