Chapter One

Chapter one

A stolen past, a regretful history. Washed away by the will to live and breathe the present. The future, a stepping stone away. Ignored by the avidity to live for the moment.

Strapped to the harnesses of a one way rollercoaster ride. A surge of spontaneous combustion of exuberance, gaiety and ultimate satisfaction. Drowned in a euphoric world of the impetuous and unconstrained. Wings spread out, neck held up high, feeling the adrenaline, the rush and the thrill of the unexpected turns.

Yet the inevitable appears, and this ride has to stop. A tattoo of the memory embedded into our skins, straps leaving marks and bruises that we know we could never forget. Turning into different paths as we exit this invigorating chapter.

An alternative past created by this unrepentant chapter. An ever evolving story, read out over and over again. A ride we may revisit in the distant future.

The tattoo left embedded into my soul.

A tattoo embedded into our souls.


2 thoughts on “Chapter One

  1. Okay wow. If you vlog on youtube you need to get some of these out there for other people to appreciate. It feels great to read aloud, just how good spoken word should feel. Really beautifully written. Not sure if it was intentional but the pace changed at all the parts it needed to. Long, flowing sentences for a slowing effect and quick, short, but descriptive for the “ride”. It makes me want to write again. I get the feeling this is about a lover or several lovers? But thanks Aubs 🙂 Seriously though, get some of these out there on your free time.

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