Life and its comparisons

There are numerous things that I wish I could jot down day by day of the things that I find myself comparing the Philippines with other countries I have lived in. On my 3rd week here, I could have published 2 hard copied novels full of things that I find both annoying at the same time pleasing with. It’s as easy as writing down a list of pro’s and con’s of living here.

I have to stop comparing, but I have to. From the big things to the small things. So here are a few things that amuses/annoys me, that you guys who haven’t been to the Philippines might also find amusing or annoying.


  • Loaves of bread are sized down, one slice of bread fits in the palm of my bad as opposed to bread elsewhere who’s slices can sometimes cover my whole hand.
  • Cost of small things such as candy, less then NZD0.05 cents.
  • 4-day Holy Week holidays. When the world in the Philippines stops and pays tribute to Easter. Apparently.
  • Never have to go far just to buy a tube of toothpaste.


  • Filipino drivers do NOT know how to give away. They approach an intersection where instead of stopping to look for oncoming traffic, they proceed to turn with looking. It’s a first come first serve basis and it’s the oncoming traffic that has to give way.
  • Everything seems to be shrunk. I bought a bar of Twix, and I swear it was only 3/4 its size.
  • When the world in the Philippines and its economy stops for the 4-day holiday.
  • PLASTIC. Everything is put in plastic. You buy take out at a fast food restaurant, and they pack every item in its separate plastic bags. WHY?!
  • The weather, hot and humid. Enough said.

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