In excess

As my little brother were growing up, we had gone through different lifestyle cultures; different environments and surroundings, food, people, family, friends etc. My sister also experienced the same thing except much later on during her high school days. But since primary, or what the people here in the Philippines would call it, “elementary school”, my little brother and I had jumped ship to different places. With these different places came different foods.

  • Yakult – as a kid, I never really wondered why Yakult came in small bottles. All I know was that it was NICE and I didn’t mind drinking that. I didn’t question either why I would spend time in the toilet after finishing the pack of 7 bottles of Yakult. Now I know why.
  • Nutella – My brother and I had first started living in Papua New Guinea. On a boring day, I opened the fridge and found this tub full of fudge-like chocolate. I dipped my finger in and fell in love. To this day… I can live off Nutella on toast.
  • Orchy – the first orange juice that I tasted that was ORANGEY and didn’t taste artificial (in Manila, I only knew orange juice to be Tang then found out it wasn’t real orange juice, just the flavour)
  • Tim Tams – Oh gosh, need I say more?
  • Fish ball and saw-saw – I spent 4 years of my college life in Manila eating this during my break… I can’t get over the sauce.
  • Siopao (Tsar xu bao) – My ultimate favourite, and the best thing about it was that in every country I lived in, they had this (I suppose cause Chinese restaurants are everywhere), from Asado siopao to real barbecue pork bun…Can’t get enough!
  • Kebabs – similar to shawarma but feels healthier, especially with lots of garlic yoghurt. Like LOTS.
  • Bagoong on Rice – Bagoong for those who don’t know is fish paste.

I’m supposed to be going on a diet, but what got me to write about this was my sudden craving for Fillet o’Fish from McDonalds, and I don’t ever crave for a single type of food. And then Tati’s project on Yakult. That started this. Not that I’m hungry. I just felt like sharing.

Why ‘In Excess’? When I was thinner, I ate a lot of this. In excess but never grew fat. But now it’s taking it’s toll and the fat is piling on.


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