and on the 25th day…

Sometimes I question myself on whether what I’m doing is right. Am I not giving myself time to think about things and making myself move on?

At times, I feel ultimately bruised. There have been too many times in life that I’ve started something and kept it going with hopes that it’ll end up being a success, or that for once, there would be a straight line in my life. Then circumstances hinder me from moving getting to that straight line, and that’s what hurts.

My life is full of curve balls. I’ve had too many to count. With uni, with my family.. Life in general.

It’s been 25 days since I left NZ and I still feel a bit numb. I got me a job only 4 days after arriving, I was up and about most of the time, and I would never let myself have a moment where I’m just lying in bed thinking. That’s what movies and TV shows are for.

No, I am not giving myself time.

25 days… How long will this go on?


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