And then the page turned..

Words cannot express how different life is now, compared to the life I used to have this time last year. I would never have thought that I would be back here, lying on this bed, trying to catch some sleep just so I would wake up some time in the night and go to work.

Aubs. A working girl in Manila. Not your average 9-5 job though, yet it is still me working.

I wake up shivering because of the air-conditioning in my room. It is recommended that I use an air conditioner. I take a cold wash; not a shower, not a bath; a wash. A wash because I use water from a tap, dropped down to a bucket, scooped up by a pail, and washed over my body. The bathroom has no ventilation. All drains have to be covered with a wet tissue and the toilet seat has to remain up. Failure to do so will cause really bad sewerage smells. Again, no ventilation, none in my room, none in the toilet. All there is are windows. And so therefore, the smell gets trapped.

I prepare for work, casual wear. Office wear is strictly forbidden from the office, I find comfort in knowing I can wake up and go to work in the clothes I had slept in, but of course I don’t. I walk out of my room, down to the dining table to have late dinner. That’s right, dinner. Like I said, I wake up some time in the night to do all these things.I get into my grandfather’s old but sturdy green car and drive out, usually takes me 45mins to get to work, so I usually take my time.

Work is 12am to 9am, running on Pacific Standard Time. No, not a call centre, thank goodness. I’m training to be an Art Director for a web design firm. Apparently, into the 3rd day, I’m doing quite well and the operations manager has nothing bad to say about me during our one-on-one meeting. I can feel that I’m doing well, piece of cake. I’m working with Americans and Canadians, but hey… I’m not being racist, they’re cool.

At the end of the day, I drive home, surprisingly, not sleepy, watch a little TV, eat, head to my room and usually (like now), I spend hours on my mac trying to sleep. It doesn’t work. It is now 3pm and I got home at 10am.

That is just one page in this chapter.


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