.coms & web design

someone honestly needs to teach me the perks of actually handling a website. you know, the whole .com thing? the whole, paying for your own site…paying for web hosting. i need someone to teach me about php’s, MySQL’s and all those other perks that makes websites great! basically, i need a form. i made a crap looking website for my dad’s company. i have to admit, it did take me ages to finally get round to finishing it. but they were willing to give me money for the website to have its own hosting and it’s own .com. so the link is http://rodriguez-accountants.com. yeah yeah, it sucks. i nearly forgot that there’s an “Under Construction” thing on it. oh well. i just gotta figure out in the next two days how to create an image gallery and forms for the comments and suggestions field.

my dad keeps on changing his mind about whether i’m getting paid for it. at this moment, i don’t really care. i just wanna get along with it.


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