Mondo. The world through the eyes of 5 artists.

We’re finally doing it. Something that I had always hoped and dreamed of doing since I stepped into the world of photography, since I realized that, “hey, my pictures aren’t that bad!”, since I got inspired by the many local artists here in the Philippines. Since getting acquainted with photographers who have made a name for themselves.

Mondo. The world through the eyes of 5 artists. 5 artists that I stepped into MadHouse Project with…it’s oh-so-very dramatic.

It’s an exhibit. A show of talent. “Pakitang gilas” in Tagalog. And the fact that I’m exhibiting with 4 of the most talented people I know. And the fact that I had reserved this date with the gallery owner to also have my farewell party. But honestly, this exhibit isn’t only just about me, but also about the many people I have taken photos of, who have become part of my photojournalism world.

And I want to leave this place with people knowing about what I can do for them. It might be just another photo exhibit…but the difference is I’m taking a huge leap by showing the world my not-so-perfect images. This is MY photojournalism at its best. It may not be the best there is. But it is definitely something.

So if you’re in the Philippines and you get to read this, I’m inviting you to our photo exhibit at Shotlist Cafe, located at 67-B Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City on the 5th of JULY. Coming from Elliptical Rd (Circle), right into Kalayaan Rd (which has an old PNB building on the corner) and Shotlist should be on your right, next to Pan De Manila. Opening time should be at around 8pm. I’m also thinking of having a bit of Spoken Word to go along with the artsy-fartsy theme…so if you have any poems you’d like to read out loud…bring ’em along! And also if you know anyone that’s interested in photography and the likes…bring them along as well. So…see you then.

p.s. there’s wifi there as well. So more than likely, I’ll have this laptop running and the webcam as well…


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