damn inspirations

Instead of sleeping early tonight to wake up early tomorrow, here I am browsing endless multiply pages of photographers. One link leads to another photographer’s page, Flickr, Multiply…It all started with John Javellana‘s Multiply account. I started craving for a wide angle lens. I wanted to experience having one…to be able to shoot with one…creating different depth of fields, shooting different landscape images using ultra slow exposures. Experience photojournalism at its best…I want a Nikon camera and some damn-good lenses, and have all sorts of filters. And I want to be able to carry around my camera on my backpack that holds my Macbook Pro, my monopod and my different cameras with different lenses and just shoot. I want to stop worrying about whether someone’s going to snatch my camera.

So tomorrow, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Making the most of this Canon EOS Kiss Digital X of mine. Because it shouldn’t matter what camera you’ve got, if you’ve got a crap one but images turn out great…well then, it’s not as crap as you think right? In time, I’ll have myself a D300, or at least a D200 and some Tokina lenses…wide angle lenses.

Dammit. I wish too much.


One thought on “damn inspirations

  1. That’s the right mentality. Never let material stuff be the barometer of your work. These are just tools. I’d be lying if I said that good equipment is not a factor, but in the end it’s still you who’s taking the pictures. We live in a time where what we produce seems to be dependent on factors such as technology. Be that person who’s not a slave to those things. Just follow your heart, it will all come together 🙂

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