ew story

I honestly don’t know what’s happening with me. Out of curiosity, I had bought this slimming cafe latte drink while I was in Indonesia. Even after arriving in Manila, it took me a week and a half to finally grab a taste of the drink. My big brother had already treated himself to more than half of the box, leaving only 4 sachets for me to have. So I decided to have some during breakfast before leaving for Batangas. And since I’m not really fond of hot drinks, it took me forever to finish that one drink (which I must say tasted great!) so I put it in a Starbucks bottle that I had lying around. Nothing happened to me. From drinking a slimming drink, of course I expected frequent trips to the toilet. But that didn’t happen.

Until the next day. My stomach didn’t ache, and life went on as it usually does. Until I decided to go pee. When I pee’d, it wasn’t just pee. You can imagine. There was no sign that this was going to happen but it did.

It’s now been two days. And there’s one more packet left.

I want to lose weight, but not in this scary way. Ew.


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