Some of you guys know that I’ve been looking for an apartment or “flat” to live in once I get to Auckland. I’ve basically found myself a neat place but it’s up to the owner if she’ll take me as her flatmate. Basically, this is what the flat looks like:

My sister went over to have a look at the place and she really liked the place, and the owner that lived there. The owner is an artist herself and is from Trinidad and Tobego and the place is really close to uni. So it’s just a matter of having Alexis (the owner) email me back.

I found this place at a website called Trademe. It’s like Ebay except it’s New Zealand-based and you don’t have to have a credit card to bid or buy an item on the website. I’ve bought a 250 gig external HDD for $120 (P4000+), an MP4 player, a PDA and a blouse, and through this site, I got to save some of the flats that I’ve looked at and I was able to get in touch with the listers. Some of the photos listed by some of the listers are pretty cool, some of them…why bother uploading pictures of their dirty or messy wardrobes? I mean, aren’t they supposed to be looking for flatmates? So why advertise your home when it looks like a complete turn-off? It’s a really bad advertising technique, as what my friend Nikhil says. And some even upload pictures of themselves having fun and having parties, more pictures of them than of the place itself. Is it a kiwi thing?

But back to the website, it’s awesome. If only the Philippines had a website like Trademe, then the public would be spending so much time going to malls and wasting time standing in check out lines. Family day would be spent at home instead of going to mall where perhaps 70% of the population of Manila is usually at.

Mum wants to try that sort of business here. But the difference between here and New Zealand, is the fact that Filipinos can’t be trusted. I can just imagine if they had a website like Trademe here, you’ll have all sorts of people signing up, making bids but have no plans on actually paying for the item. Which in turn is a sad deal for the listers trying to sell their stuff, and for other bidders who are actually serious at buying these items. If only there was a way to actually verify these listers…then perhaps a site like Trademe could be made feasible in a place like this.

The end. =)


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