Plans to exhibit

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve had thoughts about showing my pictures. I’ve got more than enough pictures to showcase, and it’s not enough that I’ve got them displayed on my DeviantArt page or my Multiply page. And since I won’t be showing my face around here for a long time, I wanted to leave with a bang. Well not a very loud bang, but I want to leave a reminder of myself to other people around me.

So I’m planning on exhibiting my photos, along with other of my MadHouse friends and colleagues. I wanted it to be a MadHouse Project thing, where the exhibit would be a start in letting the public now of our services and what we can offer. But we decided to make it an individual thing and so we (or rather I) are gathering our photographs and having them printed and if it suits, framed; and then I’m off to Cubao X to search for a gallery to host this exhibition.

At the same time, I’m planning on having my going-away party wherever the exhibit is going to be. In that way, those who are attending the party will also be exposed to our photos and vice versa. 2007-2008 has been sort of a big “realization” year for me. And I’ve also rekindled with so many people…and my attitude has changed. And I wanted those people that I’ve rekindled with to be there, as well as those people that I’ve gotten to know over the past year.

I just got back from Laiya, Batangas this evening. My dad and his company had their summer outing and we went to the beach. It was nice. Took some pictures so will upload them tomorrow. But for now, it’s back to looking for a gallery!


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