If it wasn’t for Niccolo Cosme‘s post on Multiply about IAFT or International Academy of Film and Television, I would never have envisioned myself as a student going to this school. I remember my friend Tati mentioning IAFT and how she wanted to go there…the fact that it was in Cebu and it’s just all about art. But tuition fees are in US dollar, which makes it more expensive, but seems worthwhile because the tuition fee comes with a MacBook Pro! But the fact that Macs are being used at the school, on campus, you got everything you need as a film-maker or a photographer, and everyday, you’re just inspired by many mentors and artists (students) who are there for the same purpose.

But since I’m already enrolled at an art school where my major is Photography, Film and Video, if I do end up getting my degree for that, there wouldn’t be any point in me going to IAFT in the future. The school that I’m attending now focuses on Photography as though Film and Video were just subjects throughout the whole course. Whereas I know IAFT will focus on Film and Television and Photography will just be subject. Basically, I’m just looking for a reason to enroll into IAFT in the future.

My target…5-6 years. I’m giving myself that time to save up money so that I can enroll myself into IAFT instead of relying on my parents’ money. So we’ll see.

Every time I go through the IAFT site…it makes me wanna cringe with envy of the people who go there.


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