End of Summer

At the back of my head, I was pretty much in denial of the fact that it was indeed the end of summer, and that the rain has graced us with its presence. Why would it be such a big deal to me? Perhaps it was cause the past couple of summers (except for last year when I flew off to New Zealand and missed out on summer), I’d find myself lying on 3 or 4 different beaches…relaxing…not worrying about a thing. I miss it. And I’m going to keep missing it.

Last Friday, I took part in the Headshot Clinic with digital photographer Niccolo Cosme. After receiving an email from them stating that I had been screened and hand-picked by the committee, I had made my way to Club Government where the photoshoot was to take place. There, 50 registrants and 50 VIPs anxiously waited their turn to have these wonderful portrait shots taken. I was lucky enough to have two friends there, Ganter and Rap, who also worked as part of the committee. I waited for my turn with Barosh and Ver, Ganter and Rap’s friend, and I also bumped into Gaby Dela Merced, who took me to the VIP section of the bar where she introduced me to more than a handful of people (that I honestly cannot remember their names). There at the VIP section, I swear, 95% of the guys there were gay. There was more room to breathe up in the VIP section as there were less people up there. It took 4 hours of waiting for me to get my headshot taken in which after, I ended up catching up with Gaby, and sitting outside with Ganter before deciding to head off to Sta. Mesa to the MadHouse Headquarters.

The next day, Ice ended up booking us a hotel apartment near Robinson’s Pioneer. We ate, swam in the pool, played in the sauna, played in between until 5am and slept in and missed out on free buffet breakfast. Pictures can be found here.

Like my last entry, I now have to concentrate on more important things. Until now I haven’t sent my confirmation letter to my school, which I will tomorrow. My sister is having a look at this apartment tomorrow that I’m hoping to move into when I get back to New Zealand, and I still have to get my visa. And I think we’re going to Bicol two weeks from now.

I have to snap out of this holiday-mode.


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