the importance of priorities

i’ve been raving on about going to anawangin…maybe i should stop. i wake up everyday thinking that it’s already 5pm because the weather has been a little drizzly. it’s a sign that perhaps, summer is over, and perhaps i really should stop wishing to get to anawangin, perhaps the place won’t be as tourist-infested as i think it would be if ever i decide to come back home.

it’s time for me to think about more important things. i have priorities.

let me enumerate them.

  • send my confirmation of enrolment back to whitecliffe
  • send in my application for a student visa to the new zealand embassy
  • start cleaning up my room and separating things that i’m taking with me and things i’m leaving behind
  • updating my photography portfolio
  • clean my cameras
  • buy stuff needed to take to new zealand
  • look for a place to live in auckland

so those are the things that i need to get done asap.
but it’s so hard, i’m still on holiday-mode. i’m still on bali high.

mum left last night. her leaving was not as bad as the other times that she’d left to go back to PNG. maybe it’s because i’m used to her leaving and i know that in perhaps a couple or a few months time, i’ll see her again. that’s always the case. there was a time that i was just so used to be the one leaving that i had always thought that it was hard to be the one to leave. and it wasn’t until i experienced being the one to pick up family and relatives from the airport and then later dropping them off and saying goodbye to them that i realized that it is harder to be the one to be left behind.

and now i’m doing it next month. i wanna stay for my niece’s 1st birthday party, which is on the 8th of july. perhaps if i quickly find a place to live in, then perhaps i could stay for that and leave just after that. perhaps. time to go to the gym.


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