it was definitely time for me to get a new pair of chucks. i had to give my red chucks a rest…though i knew i could never just totally abandon them.

i bought a new pair, which more or less only costs Php1,300. it was the type that would probably cost around 6k if i bought it here. it’s a double tongued, hi-top pair. brown on the outside, and pattered on the inside. it has two shoe laces, white on the inside and brown on the outside. i’d take a picture of it now to show it off to the world, but i feel too lazy.

it’s now time for me to look for my red chucks and properly store ’em away for safe keeping. on friday, i know there will be a photoshoot session with my new chucks as the model…here i am again, obsessing over chuck taylors.

and hooray! my laptop has now booted after a week of it restarted over and over again. i thought i had to take it to the service center. but thankfully, after searching through numerous forums and what-nots, i’ve finally found a solution and my laptop is now working. macs are so hard to please.

so tomorrow is yet another day.

i wanna go back to bali.


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