bali high

i have less than 10 mins to write this…as i only really wanted to go online for an hour.

sitting here in this old and stuffy internet shop just a few feet from the hotel. i would’ve bought an internet/wifi card from the reception for 2 hours, but i needed to get some ‘alone’ time from my brother and mum, no offense.

tomorrow night, we leave bali. in the last 3 days, i’ve grown attached to this place…i now dream of buying a house or land in this place, preferably, kuta beach…of course WHEN and IF i get rich, and where i can always fly to bali just for a quick getaway. i love this place. i was meant to learn how to surf tomorrow…but i guess my brother and mum talked me out of it. effortlessly. instead, i’m getting my free shoulder massage at 10am, and spending the rest of the day looking for a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding on wednesday.

since i’ve left the philippines to go on this one week holiday, my grandfather’s been through 2 surgeries, my niece has been confined in a hospital…and my macbook’s gone dead on me.

but as selfish as this sounds…all that isn’t breaking this feeling i have right now of this place. i am indeed on bali high.


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