nag nag

tomorrow night, mum, marvin (my little brother) and i head off to jakarta, indonesia. i’m not excited…in fact, i’m not even packed. i should be excited. i’m only going there to attend my high school friend’s wedding. what more can you ask for?

billy (my high school friend) has been a really good buddy of mine, even if i haven’t seen him in four years, since i went to melbourne for a vacation. and finally, he’s getting hooked to siska, whom i met four years ago as well. before the wedding date, we’re actually going to bali for 3 days. staying at kuta which is apparently famous for its sunsets. i’m excited to see billy, but i’m not excited to go to indonesia. maybe when i start packing, i’ll feel it.

mum booked us into a hotel in kuta that is very close to the very nice nightlife in bali…shopping malls, great for tourists. apparently there’s a lot to do in kuta. it’ll be a very short break from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets in manila.

then when i get back, it’s gonna be all about getting dad’s company’s website up and running and actually giving my two cents to madhouse. i’m disappointed in myself for not giving it enough thought…and effort. what’s playing on my laptop at the moment is “scrubs” which i happen to watch when i have free time. but that’s the thing, i shouldn’t waste my time watching scrubs…i should be doing something, anything.

when i get back…i have to continue looking for an apartment to live in in auckland. tomorrow, i’m going to send my confirmation letter to the school…and tomorrow, i have to pick up bianca’s tripod to use in thailand. and i have to pack tonight. and i have to see my grandfather at the hospital before i leave. so many things to do, so little time. instead of sleeping and extra 5 hours, i could’ve gotten out of the house to pick up the tripod, packed and visited my grandfather. but no, i took one look at my niece whom i put to sleep, and suddenly felt sleepy.

i remember waking up at 8pm…drenched in sweat and thinking, shit, it’s too late. oh well.

have a fun trip aubs.


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